Auto CPAP – Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Patients suffering from acute sleep apnea have to use CPAP machines as a form of therapy recommended by their physician. These ‘regular’ CPAP units provide a constant supply of air throughout the night when you are fast asleep. So irrespective of your breathing normally or otherwise, most CPAP machines are designed to blow air at a constant pressure to maintain a normal and regular breathing level.

With the advent of auto CPAP devices, things are soon going to change. These machines are specifically designed to perform keeping the patients breathing pattern in mind. They are programmed to sense your breathing through a pressure feedback device and thus provide you with an appropriate level of air supply. CPAP Batteries

So when the machine senses that you are having normal breathing patterns then the delivered pressure of air supply would be lower. On the other hand, when a machine senses that you are having an irregular breathing pattern – that is, when it records an instance of sleep apnea – the delivered air pressure will be higher.

Auto CPAP deliver air at 40% less pressure as compared to regular CPAP units. Since most of the patients suffering from sleep apnea do breathe normally during the course of the night, a constant re-checking of air pressure is done from time to time. Thus, the patient is relieved of manually adjusting the air pressure, thereby disturbing his or her sleep. Also, auto-CPAP’s can be set to constant or automatic mode during the course of their usage.

Advanced auto CPAP machines can easily detect a difference between various sleeping disorders. Thus, the machine can differentiate between obstructive apneas, hypopneas, central apneas and the like adjust to maintain the airflow accordingly.

Auto CPAP setups are not as costly as you would think of, and they are only a few dollars dearer than regular CPAP. By considering most of the advantages you can surely bet on Auto CPAP machines to provide you for long lasting comfort while you have a good night sleep.


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